Tibet Nature Tour

Tibet Nature Tour

Tibet Nature Tour

Tashi Delek, a cordial greeting from Tibet. I am Kalsang from Lhasa, Tibet, China. We are a group of local Tibetan guides and drivers who are passionate about making your travel to Tibet as enjoyable as possible by delivering the best services and providing bespoke tour itineraries. Our principal intention is to be your most trustworthy friend, while you travel in Tibet.

Tibet Travel Information

We offer the most latest updates on Tibet Travel Permits and Tibet Tours;

The most important document you need to travel to Tibet is a Tibet travel permit. Tibet Permit is the same as a visa for traveling to Tibet. You will obtain the Permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau with our assistance. Normally, the procedure takes 14 days.

We’ve seen hundreds of unprepared tourists suffer from altitude sickness as a result of increased elevation. Travelers were forced to depart Tibet before finishing their journey. The main factor is a lack of awareness about how to be ready for altitude adaptation.

The Most Popular Tours In Tibet

4 Days Lhasa City Sightseeing
4 Days Lhasa City Sightseeing


5 Days Lhasa Namtso Tour
5 Days Lhasa Namtso Tour
8 days Tibet Everest Tour
8 Days Tibet Everest Tour


10 Days Spiritual Journey
10 Days Spiritual Journey
10 Days Ganden To Samye Trekking
10 Days Trekking Ganden - Samye
15 Days Tibet Everest Kailash Tour
15 days Tibet Everest Kailash Tour


Tibet Festival Group Tours

15 Days Saga Dawa Festival - Kailash - Everest Tour

From May 29th – June 12th (2023)

15th day of Saga Dawa, you will start your trekking around Mt. Kailash. At Serxiong you will witness the setting up of the Big Prayer Pole which is a great blessing for all travelers.

Trip Starts in Lhasa & Ends in Lhasa

$1800 Per Traveler

tibet nature tour

10 Days Shoton Festival Everest Tour

From Aug 14th – Aug 23rd (2023)

On the 1st Day( August 16th) of the Shoton Festival, you’ll visit Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery to witness Giant Thangka Display & Norbu Lingkha Palace to watch the Tibetan Traditional Opera Dance and feel the warmth of the Tibetan Festival in Lhasa. 

$950 Per Traveler

Why Tibet Nature Tour Agency is the Best choice

Fair For Everyone

Tibet Nature Tour Agency is devoted to openness and fairness in the costs and services we give to all visitors to Tibet who travel with us…

Paramount Concern

Altitude Sickness and sunburns are the most common threat to visiting Tibet. We help all our clients to make the trip as comfortable as possible. 

Experienced Agency

Tibet Nature Tour Agency is a new Tibetan Travel Agency, though we have been working in Tibet Tourism Industry for more than 15 years.

Unique Experiences

The Tibet Nature Tour Agency will assist you in organizing a journey that no one else has taken, by creating customized itineraries and bespoke experiences…

Testimonials From Our Clients

” Since I was little, Tibet has held a particular place in my heart. My dream was to travel to Tibet. Luckily, Kalsang was my tour guide when I traveled to Tibet in 2007. He was amazing, looked after us very well, and taught us important things. “


Alisha Brache

Tibet Travel Updates

  • At the moment, travelers who are residing in China are allowed to travel to Tibet. 
  • From March 15th, 2023, China began providing tourist visas.
  • Therefore, we are expecting Tibet will reopen for travelers soon.

    Please, leave your contacts for further information of your travel to Tibet.