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Tibet Nature Tour

Tashi Delek, a heartfelt greeting from Tibet

I’m Kalsang, founder of Tibet Nature Tour. We are your trusted companion in exploring the wonders of Tibet. With over 15 years of experience, we understand the unique desires and interests of every traveler.

Our team, full of passionate Tibetans, is here to help you plan a trip that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re a hiker wanting to conquer mountains, a spiritual seeker drawn to ancient monasteries, or someone curious about Tibetan culture, we can make it happen.

Just tell us your dreams, and we’ll build a trip just for you.

Tibet Travel Information

We provide detailed and updated information for your Tibet Travel

Tibet Travel Permit

To travel to Tibet, you need a Tibet travel permit which functions as a visa. We provide professional aid for obtaining the permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau and it usually takes around 14 days to process. We’re committed to providing an effortless and efficient travel experience.

Getting To Tibet

There are three options to Enter Tibet;

1. Take the Flight to Lhasa( Mainland China & Kathmandu, Nepal)
2. Ride a Train To Tibet (Mainland China & mainly from Xining)

3. Drive to Lhasa ( From Nepal Border)

Avoid Altitude Sickness

To enjoy your visit to Tibet, it’s important to acclimate your body to the high altitude beforehand to avoid altitude sickness. Consult with local experts for assisting to prepare your body for the altitude. Take necessary precautions such as medication, avoiding alcohol, and taking it easy the first few days to help your body adapt. 

Most Popular Tibet Tours

Explore Tibet's most popular tour itineraries to discover the wonders of Tibet

8 Days Tibet Everest Tour
Our 8 Day Tibet Everest Tour allows you to experience a thrilling adventure through some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world. Beginning in Lhasa, this tour immerses you in ancient wisdom and culture while also providing an opportunity to spend a night at the acclaimed Everest Base Camp.
From $1050
7 Days Tibet Everest To Nepal Tour
Experience a unique overland tour from Lhasa to Nepal via Mt. Everest Base Camp. Immerse yourself in Tibet's rich cultural heritage and be awed by breathtaking scenery. Spend an unforgettable night at Everest Base Camp before culminating the journey at the Tibet-Nepal border.
From $1000
4 Days Lhasa City Tour
Potala palace - Jokhang - Sera Monastery - Norbu Lingkha Palace
10 Days Spiritual Journey
Lhasa Sightseeing - Samye - Tsedang - Shigatse - Lhamtso - Lhasa

10 Days Ganden Samye Trekking

Lhasa Sightseeing - Ganden - Trekking To Samye - Lhasa
15 Days Tibet Everest Kailash Tour
Our 15 Days Tibet Everest Kailash Tour is a challenging and adventurous trekking tour that takes you to do trekking around Mt. Kailash & and stay an overnight at the Mt. Everest Base in these 15 days. The itinerary is designed to help for acclimatizing the altitude.

Tibet Festival Tours

Experience the Tibetan Culture with Tibet Festival Tours! Witness the breathtaking traditional dances, musics, rituals, and celebrations passed down through generations.

15 Days Saga Dawa Festival Kailash Everest Tour
May 16th - May 13th, 2024
15th day of Saga Dawa, you will start your trekking around Mt. Kailash. At Serxiong you will witness the setting up of the Big Prayer Pole which is a great blessing for all travelers.
10 days Shoton Everest Tour
Aug 3th - Aug12th, 2023
On the 1st Day( August 16th) of the Shoton Festival, you’ll visit Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery to witness Giant Thangka Display & Norbu Lingkha Palace to watch the Tibetan Traditional Opera Dance and feel the warmth of the Tibetan Festival in Lhasa.

Tibet Travel Destinations

Lhasa City

Witness the iconic Potala Palace, immerse yourself in the vibrant Jokhang Temple, and explore bustling Barkhor markets. Lhasa is the beating heart of Tibetan culture and tradition.


Home to the “Sky Lake” Namtso, vast grasslands dotted with yaks, and the ancient Bon Po traditions. Nagqu unveils a wilder side of Tibet, steeped in unique Tibetan Nomad’s culture.

Shanna (Tsedang)

Cradle of Tibetan civilization, explore the pre-Buddhist Yarlung Valley, admire the UNESCO-listed Samye Monastery, and delve into the region’s rich archaeological treasures – Shannan offers a fascinating journey through Tibetan history and heritage.


Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, a sect of Panchen Lamas, dramatic traditional Tibetan village, a home to the Mount Everest, and catch breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Shigatse offers a mix of spirituality and scenic beauty.

Ngari (Ali)

Explore the otherworldly landscapes of Qiangtang Nature Reserve, discover ancient Guge Kingdom ruins, and witness majestic Mount KailashAli is a gateway to remote Tibetan wilderness and its mystical secrets.

Nyintri (Lingzhi)

Visit Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, explore Mount Namcha Barwa, and bask in the Lulang forest. Nyingchi is the “Switzerland of Tibet” boasts lush valleys and stunning natural beauty.

Why Choose Tibet Nature Tour


Tibet is a high mountainous region, there is greater chances of getting discomfort. During any emergencies, we are always available for you. 


We are a local Travel agency based in Lhasa, Tibet with more than 15 years of experience. We provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your preferences and budget.


We can tailor your trip fully based on your travel style in Tibet, to ensure that you have a memorable & enjoyable experience in Tibet.

Save-Time & Money

Planning a trip may be time-consuming. We take real good care for arranging and organizing your Trip to Tibet with much better experience.

Reviews From Tibet Traveler

Alisha Brache
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” Since I was little, Tibet has held a particular place in my heart. My dream was to travel to Tibet. Luckily, Kalsang was my tour guide when I traveled to Tibet in 2007. He was amazing, looked after us very well, and taught us important things. “