15 Days Saga Dawa Kailash Everest Tour


15 Days Tibet Everest Kailash Tour

The 15-day Saga Dawa Kailash Everest Tour is designed for those who want to visit Tibet during the Saga Dawa Festival. On the 15th of Saga Dawa, there is a grand event in Serxiong, where the Prayer pole will be erected by locals and monks. Travelers will be extremely fortunate to experience Tibetan culture, and you can then continue your trip to Dirakpuk, which is another 12–13 km away.

This customized tour itinerary is designed to allow you to spend less time in Tibet while experiencing more exciting activities and culture. You can circulate around Mount Kailash, stay the night at Everest Base Camp, and engage in real Tibetan everyday life, spirituality, and cultural events while on the journey.
You will also enjoy yourselves greatly and laugh a lot with us.

Importantly, this amazing trip itinerary was created in a way that will give you plenty of time to acclimate to the altitude.

15 Days Saga Dawa Kailash Everest Tour

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Challenging : Trek around Mt. Kailash for 3 days, hit 5600m height at Drolma la pass

Trip Length

15 Days with 14 nights in Tibet


Day 1. Arrival in Lhasa (May 28th, 2023)

Our Tibetan guide and Tibetan driver greet you at the airport or train station with a white scarf. This is a very traditional way of greeting a friend in Tibet.

The distance from the airport to Lhasa city is around 60 kilometers, while the distance from the train station to Lhasa is approximately 15 kilometers. We take it easy on the first day to acclimate to the altitude.

Day 2. - Day 3. Lhasa City Tour

ATTRACTIONS:- Potala Palace (Winter Resistant of the Dalai Lama), Norbu Lingkha Palace (Summer Resistant of the Dalai Lama), Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Streets & Sera Monastery;

The tour program for Days 2 and Day 3 are designed to help you acclimate to the altitude in Lhasa City. You will be touring some of Tibet’s most beautiful landmarks in the meantime. These icons include the Dalai Lama’s winter palace, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbu Lingkha Palace, and Sera Monastery.

The Sera Monastery is one of the most intriguing places to see, and I strongly advise you to go there in the afternoon while the monks are debating Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.

We must obtain a Visiting Time Ticket to enter the Potala Palace. We must plan accordingly based on that. Due to this, when you get to Lhasa, kindly give our guide your passport.

Day 4. - Day 7. Journey To Mt. Kailash

ATTRACTIONS:- Gampala Pass(4,900m), Yamdrok Lake, Nyinchen Khangsar Range, Karola Glacier, Pelkhor Choede Monastery, Tashi Lunpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar;

From Day 4 through Day 7, you’ll be driving throughout the countryside. 
On Day 4, you will cross a very high pass (Gampa La) at an elevation of 4,900 meters above sea level. 
You will enjoy a bird’s eye view of Lake Yamdrok from the top of the Gampa La Pass, which is also known as the turquoise lake due to its unique hue. Yamdrok Yutso Lake is considered a sacred lake, since the Great Guru Padmasambhava meditated there for three months and three days. During the auspicious periods of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar, Tibetans circumambulate Lake Yamdrok to pay homage.

If the sky is clear and blue, you may also view the Nyinchen Khangsar Range, which has a peak that rises to a height of 7,300 meters. 
The Karola Pass, which has an elevation of 5,000 meters, will be the next high pass you pass on this day. 
From the Karola pass, you may also see Tibet’s 7th biggest glacier (Karola Glacier). 
On Day 5, you will go to the Panchen Lama’s palace or monastery. In Shigatse Prefecture, which monastery is the biggest. In the past, the Tashi Lunpo Monastery could house over a thousand monks.

You’ll also go to the Sakya Monastery in the afternoon. In the Sakya Monastery, you may see the four enormous pillars and a secret Buddhist library with a more than 800-year history. 
You will be driving more on Days 6 and Day 7, especially in Western Tibet’s more outlying regions. There, you will see breathtaking views of the countryside, lakes, and endangered animals. 
You will reach the base of Mount Kailash and view Lake Manasarovar in the late afternoon of Day 7.

Day 8. - Day 10. Circumambulate Around Mt. Kailash

ATTRACTIONS:- a stunning landscape of SerXiong valley, Drirakpuk Monastery, The Northface of Mt. Kailash, Drolma la Pass (5,600m) Zutrulpuk Monastery, 

The trip’s trekking days are Day 8, Day 9, and Day 10. The trekking path follows Mt. Kailash Kora (circumambulation circuit). The whole Kora circumference around Mount Kailash is 52 kilometers. 
We’ll be performing this Kora in three days. The first day of your trek will begin early in the morning from Darchen, and you will travel around 20 kilometers. 
The first day of the journey will be a medium-intensity hike because the elevation will begin at 4700 meters and slowly ascent to 4,900 meters. You will spend the night in the guesthouse of Dirakpuk Monastery.

The second day of trekking will be more challenging because you will be crossing the Drolma La Pass, which has an elevation of 5200 meters. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you begin your trek as early as possible. When the sun shines out, the trek to the summit of Drolma La Pass becomes quite arduous. 
After passing the Drolma La Pass, you will descend to an elevation of 4,850 meters (Zutrulpuk Monastery). The guesthouse of the Zutrulpuk Monastery is a great place to spend the night. 
The third day of the expedition will be simple, with a distance of roughly 13 kilometers to Darchen. After arriving at your hotel in Darchen, you may take a shower and relax for the evening.

Day 11. - Day 12. Journey To Mt. Everest

ATTRACTIONS:- Mt. Shishapangma, Pikutso Lake, Everest Base Camp(EBC), Rongbuk Monastery;

Day 11 and 12 will be spent traveling to EBC or Mt. Everest Base Camp.

On Day 12, you will traverse Lake Pikutso and witness Mt. Shishapangma, the 14th-highest summit in the world. Additionally, Mt. Shishapangma is regarded as one of the easiest to climb in the Eight-Thousanders.

You will finally reach the EBC on Day 12. Spend the night at the Base Camp in a local Tibetan tent guesthouse. You may also enjoy a spectacular sunset view of Mt. Everest.

Day 13. - Day 14. Return To Lhasa

ATTRACTIONS:- Gyawo La pass (5200m), 5 Eight-Thousanders with Mt. Everest, Tibetan-style Houses at the side of River banks, 

From Day 13 to Day 14, you will be traveling back to Lhasa. These two days are intended to be a relaxed driving journey. Where there are no monasteries or other sites to see along the journey. However, the scenery is distinct, and you’ll get a unique tour experience. We also promise to make these two days enjoyable for you.

Day 15. Departure (June 11th, 2023)

Today is the last day of your 15 Days Saga Dawa Kailash Everest Tour. It’s time to say goodbye to your tour guide and driver. They will meet you at your hotel lobby and drive to Airport and Train Station to depart from Tibet.


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Brittany Kish
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The entire excursion exceeded our expectations. Kalsang was in constant communication before the tour and swiftly and effectively reacted to all of my group's inquiries and concerns. Our guide Lopsang and driver Tashi were kind, competent, and informed, and their presence enhanced the overall quality of our tour. The travel schedule worked well, and the lodging was cozy. If you're interested in seeing the main attractions in central Tibet, I wholeheartedly advise hiring this service.


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