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What is Tibet Travel Permit?

“Tibet Travel Permit” is a critical document for any traveler planning to visit Tibet. Traveling to Tibet requires a valid Chinese visa along with additional travel documents–a Tibet Travel Permit. Without it, travelers won’t be able to enter the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR).

Tibet Travel permit

Once you have decided on a Tibet trip with us, and signed a contract, we will take care of obtaining your “Tibet Travel Permit” on your behalf. All you need to do is send us copies of your passport and China Visa via email. After receiving the Tibet Travel Permit, you are welcome to visit Tibet, which shall be ready in a week or two.

The Tibet Tourism Bureau issued the Tibet Travel Permit, also known as the Tibet Entry Permit or Tibet Visa.

This two-page binder includes a first page that contains information about the traveler’s entry point and intended places to visit in Tibet. The second page contains passport information for the entire group. 

It is recommended to plan your vacation early as the Tibet Travel Permit application process may take some time; typically 14 to 20 days, and longer if visiting the Mt. Kailash region. Obtaining a Tibet Travel Permit may also take longer during China National Holidays because of office closures.

How to get Tibet Travel Permit?

Contacting a Tibet-based travel agency: The most formal way to receive the Tibet travel Permit is to contact a Tibet-based travel agency, that specializes in organizing trips in Tibet. They will apply your Tibet Visa application from the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

how to plan a Tibet Tour

Plan Tibet Tour itinerary: Once you decide to visit Tibet, you will need to speak with the travel agency about your detailed tour itinerary in Tibet. Which will include all the places that you plan to visit, the dates of your travel, and accommodations.

Get receive a China visa: You will need a valid China Visa before applying for the Tibet Travel Permit. You can apply for a China Visa from the China Embassy or China Consulate based in your home country.
If you plan to come from Nepal, then you’re not allowed to apply for a China visa from your home country. Instead, you’ll have to apply for the China Group Visa also known as the Tibet Group Visa. This visa will be provided from China Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal for foreigners who intend to enter Tibet from Nepal side.

Tibet travel permit: Your travel agency in Tibet will connect the soft copy of your China Visa and Passport and submit them for applying for the Tibet Travel permit to the Tibet Tourism Bureau. Normally, the procedure will take around one to two weeks depending on your travel destinations in Tibet. If you are planning to visit Mt. Kailash, then the process may take around 20 days or more. The Tibet Tourism Bureau will be closed during the official holidays; therefore, it is best to apply before a month’s tour departure date.

Once your Tibet Travel Permit is approved by the Tibet Tourism Bureau, your travel agency will send the original hard copy of the permit to your hand. You will have to present your Tibet Travel Permit along with your passport while you’re boarding flights or entering Tibet from Tibet-Nepal Border.

Additional Documents to support Tibet Travel Permit to visit remote areas in TAR

Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel permit

Travelers who wish to visit the unopened Areas, such as Mount Kailash and the Everest Base Camp. The Alien’s Travel Permit is one of the supplementary documents you need. It is distributed by the Public Security Bureau, which has offices in some districts, like Shigatse, Tsedang, Nyintri (Bayi), etc. We require your passports, visas, and Tibet Travel Permit in order to apply. If the offices are open, this procedure would go swiftly.

Alien's Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permits can be used in touristically opened parts of Tibet, therefore we will apply based on the itinerary you have arranged with us. However, the majority of Tibet’s autonomous regions, including Kailash, the Everest Base Camp, and the majority of the Eastern and Southern Parts, are closed. For that, we will arrange other papers, such as the Alien’s Travel Permits & Military Permits.

Border Permit

For visitors wishing to enter restricted regions like the border, Mt. Kailash, and similar places, military permits are necessary. Without causing you any problems, we will apply for this permit.

Additional Documents to support Tibet Travel Permit to visit remote areas in TAR

What Is Tibet Travel Permit?

The corrected message is:

Tibet Travel Permit is the most indispensable travel document to enter the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). Without it, foreigners will not be allowed to enter the region. Therefore, every foreign traveler must obtain this travel document from a Tibet-based travel agency.

  • Taiwan Citizen:
  • Overseas Chinese with No Chinese ID
  • All Foreigners
  1. Choose a Lhasa Tibet-based Travel Agency Like Us;
  2. Speak with us about your travel in Tibet, to get a perfect itinerary.
  3. Provide your necessary documents to the Travel Agency(passport & Chinese visa).
  4. We send you the Tibet Permits once the process is done.

Once your trip is confirmed with us, the Tibet Travel Permit application will be sent to the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

  • If you are entering Tibet from Nepal, you must provide us with a clear scan of your passport.
    The New Regulation for 2023 Every member of the group must go to the China Embassy to obtain a Tibet Group Visa (China Group Visa).
    In order to process the visa, travelers must spend at least five days in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • If you are entering Tibet from Mainland China, please provide us with clear scanned copies of your passport and China visa by email.

The duration of the process will depend on your trip schedule; for example, if you plan to visit Mt. Kailash or the western region of Tibet, the process can take between 15 and 20 days.

If you want to go to Mount Everest Base Camp(EBC), it can take you 8 to 14 days.

It will take roughly 7 days if you are having a brief tour in the Lhasa area for 4–6 days.

The Tibet Tourism Bureau will be closed on the days of China’s national holidays, making it impossible to process the permission.

We’ll send the hard copy of the document through Fastest mail Services to your temporary address in China. 

  • That could be your hotel in China;
  • hand delivery at the Airport.

We will send you the soft copy of the Tibet Permit through email. Then, you will have to make 3 copies of the permits to show at the Train stations.


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