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How To Plan A Tibet Tour

How to plan a Tibet tour? This is a general question which will popup once you want to travel to Tibet.

It can be very difficult to plan your trip to Tibet, because of lack of resources. Therefore, Tibet Nature Tour is ready to offer you an excellent precise information for your planning to visit Tibet.

Choose the right time:

When it comes to planning, you might be wondering which time is best for visiting Tibet. In general, Tibet offers different travel experiences at different times. April to October is the warm season with clear skies. Therefore, it is an excellent choice to visit Tibet. If you would like to participate in the Tibet festivals, then July and August will be a good time. If you are looking forward to experiencing more of Tibetan culture with less tourism, then the winter season will be the best option. 

Obtain Necessary Tibet Permits:

To obtain the Tibet travel permits, first you have to choose an excellent registered travel agency based in Lhasa, Tibet. By choosing the right travel agency, you will get a genuine tour cost for your trip to Tibet, and most importantly, you will receive the Tibet travel permit on time. Also, they will give you updated information for your trip to Tibet. This Tibet permit will be issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

Make A Travel Itinerary:

Tibet is a vast and mysterious travel destination in the world. There are hundreds of breath-taking landscapes, including Mount Everest and Mount Kailash. By dealing with a local travel agent, you will get the most updated and valuable travel information for your trip. Then, you can decide which places you want to visit. Based on your travel information, a travel agency like Tibet Nature Tour will tailor-make a tour itinerary that will fulfill your dream.

Pack Appropriately:

Tibet has challenging weather and is also a high-elevation travel destination. Therefore, packing warm clothing or extra layers is important. It is also advised to have comfortable shoes for hiking. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are important pieces of equipment needed to protect you from the strong ultraviolet rays.

Prepare For Altitude Sickness:

Tibet is well-known for its elevation, so there are bigger chances for most travelers to cause altitude problems or high mountain sickness. It is highly advised to speak with your doctors before visiting Tibet, and it is also very wise to get good travel insurance for your trip to Tibet. Once you arrive in Lhasa, take the first few days easy and drink lots of water, which will help prevent altitude sickness. If you experience severe symptoms of altitude sickness, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Our help is always available for you.

Tibet Flight Information
Tibet Flight Info

Lhasa Gonkhar Airport receives over 80 flights daily. Many of these flights are from major mainland cities. There are just two flights from Kathmandu, Nepal, in a week. Wednesday and Friday are generally the days that flights from Kathmandu are available. Due to high demand, you probably find flights to Lhasa on other days of the week.

Tibet Train Information
Tibet Train Info

Tibet began to receive trains from China in 2008. Many who were concerned about getting altitude sickness no longer needed to be anxious because of train journey would give them plenty of time to acclimatize. Xining is the ideal station to catch a train to Lhasa. We can help by getting you a train ticket to Lhasa from Xining or other major cities.

Hotels in Tibet
Hotels in Tibet

Due to recent years’ development in the Tourism Industry, the average of every hotel in Tibet had leveled up. Therefore we try to find the most suitable accommodation for you. 

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