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4 Days Lhasa City Tour

Explore the majestic Lhasa, the capital city of TAR


The 4 Days Lhasa City Tour is brilliantly designed for those who have very little time to spend in Lhasa, Tibet (The capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region). This tour itinerary will enhance your experience by visiting the top-rated attractions.

The Dalai Lama’s Winter Palace, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Streets are among the highlights.
You may see Tibetan monks debating on Tibetan Buddhism at Sera Monastery.

You’ll also can taste some delicious Tibetan cuisine. Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to experience true Tibetan spirituality.

4 Days Lhasa City Tour
4 Days Lhasa City Tour


Arrival in Lhasa, Tibet:

Our Tibetan guide and Tibetan driver greet you at the airport or train station with a white scarf. This is a very traditional way of greeting a friend in Tibet.

The distance from the airport to Lhasa city is around 60 kilometers, while the distance from the train station to Lhasa is approximately 15 kilometers. We take it easy on the first day to acclimate to the altitude.

4 Days Lhasa City Sightseeing

Lhasa City Tour:

ATTRACTIONS:- Potala Palace (Winter Resistant of the Dalai Lama), Norbu Lingkha Palace (Summer Resistant of the Dalai Lama), Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Streets & Sera Monastery;

The tour program for Days 2 and Day 3 is designed to help you acclimatize to the altitude in Lhasa City. You will be touring some of Tibet’s most beautiful landmarks in the meantime. These icons include the Potala Palace (Dalai Lama’s Winter Palace), Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbu Lingkha Palace, and Sera Monastery.

The Sera Monastery is one of the most intriguing places to see, and I strongly advise you to go there in the afternoon while the monks are debating Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.

We must obtain a Visiting Time Ticket to enter the Potala Palace. We must plan accordingly based on that. Because of this, when you get to Lhasa, kindly give our guide your passport.

10 Days Spiritual Journey


Your Tibet trip (4 Days Lhasa City Tour) is coming to an end today, and you’ll be bidding farewell to your guide and driver who have helped create unforgettable experiences. Meet them in the hotel lobby, where they will accompany you to the airport or train station for a smooth departure from Tibet. Though you’re leaving this mystical land, the memories and warmth of the people will stay with you forever.

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Services Inclusions
Services Inclusions


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The 15-day Saga Dawa Kailash Everest Tour is designed for those who want to visit Tibet during the Saga Dawa Festival. On the 15th of Saga Dawa, there is a grand event in Serxiong, where the Prayer pole will be erected by locals and monks. Travelers will be extremely fortunate to experience Tibetan culture, and you can then continue your trip to Dirakpuk, which is another 12–13 km away. This customized tour itinerary is designed to allow you to spend less time in Tibet while experiencing more exciting activities and culture. You can circulate around Mount Kailash, stay the night at Everest Base Camp, and engage in real Tibetan everyday life, spirituality, and cultural events while on the journey. You will also enjoy yourselves greatly and laugh a lot with us. Importantly, this amazing trip itinerary was created in a way that will give you plenty of time to acclimate to the altitude.

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4 Days Lhasa City Tour

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