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Bon Religion

Introduction to Bon Religion;

The Bon religion is an ancient spiritual tradition that originated in Tibet. It is considered to be one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world, which we believe is that the religion was began from the beginning of human civilization. The term Bon means “to chant” or “to recite” in Tibetan language. The Bon Religion is based on the teachings of Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche, who is believed to have lived thousands of years ago.

It is also considered to the shamanistic religion, as it is said that, they use the spirits of deities or deaths to heal and to destroy.

The Bon religion is based on the belief in the existence of spirits and deities that inhabit the natural world. It also emphasizes the importance of ritual practices, meditation, and spiritual development.

Today, the Bon religion is experiencing a revival, with many practitioners working to preserve and promote its teachings and practices. The Bon religion is recognized as one of the five major religions in Tibet and is also practiced in other regions, including Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia.
Tibet Flight Information
Tibet Flight Info

Lhasa Gonkhar Airport receives over 80 flights daily. Many of these flights are from major mainland cities. There are just two flights from Kathmandu, Nepal, in a week. Wednesday and Friday are generally the days that flights from Kathmandu are available. Due to high demand, you probably find flights to Lhasa on other days of the week.

Tibet Train Information
Tibet Train Info

Tibet began to receive trains from China in 2008. Many who were concerned about getting altitude sickness no longer needed to be anxious because of train journey would give them plenty of time to acclimatize. Xining is the ideal station to catch a train to Lhasa. We can help by getting you a train ticket to Lhasa from Xining or other major cities.

Hotels in Tibet
Hotels in Tibet

Due to recent years’ development in the Tourism Industry, the average of every hotel in Tibet had leveled up. Therefore we try to find the most suitable accommodation for you. 

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