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Tibet Tours offers travelers a great opportunity to visit Tibet uniquely. You will witness the ancient traditions of Tibet, marvel at its stunning landscapes, and obtain a deeper understanding of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibet Tours plans are entirely based on traveler requests and our guides’ sincere guidance. There is no fixed itinerary for any of these tours. We tailor these tour itineraries based on your preferences.

Tibet Nature Tour Agency offers you a wide range of different travel itineraries. These itineraries offer much more individualized and unique travel experiences for everyone. All of these tour itineraries can also be changed and re-customized.

Below are a few pre-made tour itineraries, this is the starting point from where you can choose one or more, and then we innovate them to fit your traveling style in Tibet.

We always happily welcome you to send us any questions about your Tibet tours.

Lhasa & Surrounding Tours

Lhasa is the capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Lhasa is an intriguing city for travelers renowned for its extensive cultural heritage. Lhasa and Surrounding Tours provide a unique opportunity to learn about Tibetan culture, history, and others. These tours include hiking through the historic area of Lhasa City and visiting ancient Tibetan monasteries and temples. 

These tours all start in Lhasa, where you can visit the world-famous Potala Palace and many more. It is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list and serves as the Dalai Lama’s winter residence. The palace is renowned for its breathtaking Tibetan architecture, historical relics, and magnificent Dalai Lama gold-gilded stupas.

4 Days Lhasa City Tour

4 Days Lhasa Sightseeing Tour is a perfect introduction to the rich and history of Tibet. If you are uncomfortable with the altitude, and it's your first-time in Tibet, this tour will highlight will be the perfect for your travel to Tibet.

5 Days Namtso Tour

5 Days Lhasa Namtso Tour is specially focused on travelers who wish to visit the Namtso Lake, also known as Sky lake because of its high elevation. Namtso is also well-known for its beauty.

6 Days Tibet Culture Tour

Tibet travelers who want to experience and learn more about the unique traditions and customs of Tibetan people. This tour will take you deeper into exploring the main attractions of Tibet.

Tours to Mt. Everst Base Camp (EBC)

7 Days Tibet Nepal Tour

An overland tour from Lhasa to Nepal via Mt. Everest Base Camp is most exciting adventure that takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes, feel the Tibetan Culture, stay an overnight at the EBC and the trip ends at the border of Tibet and Nepal. ​

8 Days Tibet Everest Tour

8 Days Tibet Everest Tour is an adventure-packed journey that takes you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. The Tour starts in Lhasa, explores the ancient wisdoms and stay an overnight at the Everest Base Camp.

Trekking Tours in Tibet (Xizang)

10 Days Ganden Samye Trekking

10 Days Ganden Samye Trekking is the one the most popular trekking route in Tibet. This trekking route will take you through beautiful and serene landscapes of Tibetan Plateau. The trek starts at Ganden Monastery and ends at Samye Monastery.

15 Days Tibet kailash Everest Tour

Our 15 Days Tibet Everest Kailash Tour is a challenging and adventurous trekking tour that takes you to do trekking around Mt. Kailash & and stay an overnight at the Mt. Everest Base in these 15 days. The itinerary is designed to help for acclimatizing the altitude.

Tibet Festival Tours

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We place utmost importance on designing a Bespoke Journey that enables you to see and experience everything you’ve always wanted to. 

We at Tibet Nature Tour are thrilled to collaborate with you in creating your ideal trip to Tibet. We can start making your idea a reality when you complete the form below.


Linda from Australia
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It was quite fascinating to watch people circle the Jokhang and the Potala Palace in a clockwise direction. There are some fantastic stores where you can purchase souvenirs. We bought some affordable thankgas and fantastic magnets, caps, etc. I want to thank you for planning such a wonderful trip to Tibet. We had a great experience. Tibet was well worth the trip.

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