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10 Days Shoton Festival Everest Tour

Acclimatizing Everest Tour by enjoying Shoton Festival in Lhasa


10 Days Shoton Festival Everest Tour is the most well-defined tour itinerary since it allows you plenty of time to adjust to the altitude, see Tibet’s famous Shoton Festival, and visit and spend the night at the Mt. Everest Base Camp.

You can Enjoy the Whole Shoton Festival in Lhasa on August 4th of 2024.

The Great Fifth Dalai Lama established the Shoton Festival in the 17th century when the local Tibetans provided yogurt for all the monks, including the Dalai Lama, who were leaving on a summer retreat. Since then, this custom has evolved into a significant festival in Tibet. In the morning, Tibetans commemorate this holiday by displaying the large thangka on the largest walls of monasteries like Drepung and Sera. Later in the afternoon, Tibetans from the surrounding area perform a cultural dance or Tibetan opera dance. In Lhasa City, this large festival typically lasts for 7 days.

8 days Tibet Everest Tour
10 Days Shoton Festival Everest Tour


Arrival in Lhasa, (Aug 3rd)

Our Tibetan guide and Tibetan driver greet you at the airport or train station with a white scarf. This is a very traditional way of greeting a friend in Tibet.

The distance from the airport to Lhasa city is around 60 kilometers, while the distance from the train station to Lhasa is approximately 15 kilometers. We take it easy on the first day to acclimate to the altitude.

4 Days Lhasa City Sightseeing

Lhasa City Tour: (Aug 4th - Aug 6th)

ATTRACTIONS:- Showcase of Grand Thangka of Drepung Monastery or Sera Monastery, Tibetan Opera Dance, Potala Palace (Winter Resistant of the Dalai Lama), Norbu Lingkha Palace (Summer Resistant of the Dalai Lama), Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Streets & Sera Monastery;

The tour program for Day 2 (August 4th)  is specially kept for all travelers to enjoy the Shoton Festival. This day is a very relaxing day and optional. In the morning, your guide will take you to visit the showcase of Thangka Display at Drepung Monastery or Sera Monastery. It will be a bit crowded because all the locals and many tourists will be getting there. If you choose to visit the Sera Monastery, then there will be fewer people but to go to Drepung, there will be a lot of people.   

Our 10 Days Shoton Festival Everest Tour begins today. On Day 3, your guide will take you to visit the Potala Palace and Jokhang temple accordingly.

If you are not able to visit the Potala Palace or Jokhang on Day 2, then your guide will take you to visit them on Day 4. 

Tibetan Culture

The Sera Monastery is one of the most intriguing places to see, and I strongly advise you to go there in the afternoon while the monks are debating Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.

We must obtain a Visiting Time Ticket to enter the Potala Palace. We must plan accordingly based on that. Due to this, when you get to Lhasa, kindly give our guide your passport.

6 Days Tibet Culture Tour

Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse (Aug7th - Aug 8th)

ATTRACTIONS:- Gampala Pass(4,900m), Yamdrok Lake, Nyinchen Khangsar Range, Karola Glacier, Pelkhor Choede Monastery, Tashi Lunpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar;

From Day 5 to Day 9, you’ll be driving throughout the countryside of the Tibetan Plateau. 
On Day 4 you will cross a very high pass (Gampa La) at an elevation of 4,900 meters above sea level. 
You will enjoy a bird’s eye view of Lake Yamdrok from the top of the Gampa La Pass, which is also known as the turquoise lake due to its unique hue. Yamdrok Yutso Lake is considered a sacred lake since the Great Guru Padmasambhava meditated there for three months and three days. During the auspicious periods of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar, Tibetans circumambulate Lake Yamdrok to pay homage.

If the sky is clear and blue, you may also view the Nyinchen Khangsar Range, which has a peak that rises to a height of 7,300 meters. 
The Karola Pass, which has an elevation of 5,000 meters, will be the next high pass you pass on this day. 
From the Karola Pass, you may also see Tibet’s 7th biggest glacier (Karola Glacier). 

avoid altitude sickness

On Day 6, you will go to the Panchen Lama’s palace or monastery. In Shigatse Prefecture, Tashi Lunpo Monastery monastery is the biggest. In the past, the Tashi Lunpo Monastery could house over a thousand monks.

You’ll also go to the Sakya Monastery in the afternoon. In the Sakya Monastery, you may see the four enormous pillars and a secret Buddhist library with a more than 800-year history. 
You will stay overnight at Shegar on Day 6. 

10 days spiritual journey

Explore Everest Base Camp (Aug 9th)

ATTRACTIONS:- Traditional Tibetan local villages, Himalayan Ranges, Mt. Everest Base Camp, Rongbuk Monastery ;

Day 7 will be thrilling because Mt. Everest will be right in front of you. This day will cover another 100 km, but the drive will be worthwhile because you will cross incredible high mountains, such as Gyawo La Pass (5,100 m). From the summit of the Gyawo La Pass, you can have a breathtaking view of the Himalayan Ranges as well as all five of the world’s Eight-Thousanders. These eight include Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu, Mount Cho Oyu, and Mount Shishapangma.

Mount Everest

Continue your overland journey through Tibetan villages that are higher than 4,600 meters, and you will see how the Tibetans inhabited these mountains.

Our tour guide will also take you to visit Rongbuk Monastery. This monastery is located at a height of 5,000 meters, making it the highest in the world. This monastery has a history of roughly 1,300 years, and Padmasambhava meditated here as well.

The sunset view of Mt. Everest will wash away all your sorrows and replace them with the simple awareness of being alive.

Return to Lhasa (Aug 10th - Aug 11th)

ATTRACTIONS:- Gyawo La pass (5200m), 5 Eight-Thousanders with Mt. Everest, Tibetan-style Houses at the side of River banks, 

From Day 8 to Day 9, you will be traveling back to Lhasa. These two days are intended to be a relaxed driving journey. Where there are no monasteries or other sites to see along the journey. However, the scenery is distinct, and you’ll get a unique tour experience. We also promise to make these two days enjoyable for you.

10 Days spiritual Journey

Departure: (Aug 12th)

Your Tibet trip (10 Days Shoton Festival Everest Tour) is coming to end today, and you’ll be bidding farewell to your guide and driver who have helped create unforgettable experiences. Meet them in the hotel lobby, where they will accompany you to the airport or train station for a smooth departure from Tibet. Though you’re leaving this mystical land, the memories and warmth of the people will stay with you forever.

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